Monday, August 23, 2010

Already 2 Baptisms in the first area!!!!

Dear momma!!!!!
So I have to let you know that Portugal is amazing!! The Lord has really blessed me so far and I'll tell you why!!! So right after I emailed you, I had my interview and I figured out who my trainer was and where I was going!!! My area is in a place called Cacem. It's 20 minutes west of Lisbon and it's right in between Lisbon and Sintra!! That's right, Sintra. The only bummer is my area ends right where Sintra begins!!! It's still really cool though!! When we go up on higher ground, we can see the palace on top of the hill and everywhere around it with the ocean the other direction!!!! It's beautiful!!! So now for the biggest blessing so far!!!! Guess how many baptisms we have had so far? Not one, but TWO!!!! Yes two baptisms. My trainer is awesome and he was working really hard on these investigators for 6 weeks before I came in and I came in and he baptized them 2 days later!!! It was a wonderful experience. The Spirit was strong!!!! We baptized a Cape Verdian girl named Daniela on Saturday, and then we baptized a girl named Elizabete on Sunday after church!!!! It was so amazing!!!! The members here are really cool. Our ward has around 100 members in it and me and Elder Kessler have quite a bit of investigators we are working with for baptism. The Bishop lives in a place called Mira Sintra. It's right on the edge of Sintra. Anyways, we went to visit him so he could meet me on Friday, and he asked me if I would bear my testimony in church on Sunday, so I said I would!!!! Well my Portuguese is still not that great yet so I probably sounded like an idiot and probably said a couple of stupid things, but I'm thankful for the experience. The people speak super fast and mumble here so it's really hard to understand what they are saying. But when I can respond and carry on a conversation, I feel pretty special!! Ha. Elder Kessler says it takes several weeks before you start understanding everything that they are saying so pretty much I just bear my testimony and help him out!!!! I love it here though!!!!!SOOOOOO much better than the MTC. Just so you know, our p day is on Monday. We bought some groceries today but that's pretty much it. We live in a members house and she does our laundry for us!!! How sweet is that? OH and I only get letters once every 3 weeks, so keep sending those, but I will email you every week!!! I don't have much time but I want you to know I'm loving it here!!! It's amazing!! I love you and I'm so thankful our family is strong in the gospel. Keep the emails coming. Let me know how things go!!!! I'll tell you about this next weeks adventures on Monday. I love you.
Love Elder Willes

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