Monday, November 15, 2010

Work is going forward...

Hey!!! Another great week!!! I'm so glad to get your email and hear that everything is going well!!! This week has been great!! Nothing spectacular, but we are moving forward in the work!!!! Yesterday we taught three new investigators from an evangelical church!!! They are so cool. It is a mom named Ismerelda and her two daughters, Ezer and Joana!! They are very receptive and they like us a lot!!! We taught a great first lesson with them and talked about Joseph Smith and bore our testimonies about the Book of Mormon!! We told them about prayer and how it is such a blessing because we can express anything we want to in a prayer!! It was interesting because I said the closing prayer for us and about halfway through my prayer, Ismerelda started saying "amen" randomly. It threw me off so much!! It took me a while to realize that she was just saying it because she liked what I said and agreed with me!! They are a very cool family!! High hopes for them!! Other than that, our week has really been quite normal!! We have just been working everyday!! A lot of people have been flaking out on us this last week. ya know, saying they'll be home and then they aren't!! It happens almost more times than I can count, so its pretty annoying, but it doesn't stop us from working!!! Mission life is going great and I am so blessed by the Lord!!!
So about the 12 days of Christmas!!!!! That is awesome!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!! I'm very excited for it!! Your the best mom ever! Ha my companion is going to be so jealous!! Oh so my companion, Elder Carter actually goes home on the 21st!! 3 days before Christmas!! How crazy is that? What a time to go home!! Its going to be sad to see him leave the mission! We are great friends. So yeah, transfers are about 3 days before Christmas which kind of makes things difficult but its OK everything will work out!!!
Can you believe Thanksgiving is in 9 days!!!! Wow!!! that's so crazy!! I didn't even see it coming. They don't celebrate it here, but the members know what it is and they were asking us about it yesterday!!! Ha. Oh before I forget!!! Could you please please please in the next email tell me everyone in our families birthdays!!! I know Dad and Eric's are within the next 10 days!!!
That's cool that the Phantom of the Opera was good!!! When Elder Kessler was my companion we listened to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack and I really started to like that music. That's so cool that the school did it!!! I definitely would have tried to be in that one!!
Well, I'd best get going, but I love you so much!!!! Being on the mission has helped me realize how much I have to be grateful for and I'm soooo thankful that I am a part of this family and that we have all been blessed with the Gospel!!! I'm so grateful to be here in Portugal and for the support you give me!!! I know this Gospel is true and I know that Jesus Christ is our loving Savior!!! I love you momma!!! Until next time!! Tchau!!

Elder Willes

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