Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey how are you all doing?? Another great week out here on the Azores!!!! It is super beautiful out here. This last week, we have taken our work to an area a little bit new to both of us. Its about an hour bus ride away from our house and pretty much on the other side of the island!!! Its totally worth the ride though because we are finding a ton more people to teach there than we are in Lajes. Lajes has been super tough on us. Almost all the houses we go to, the people are either never home, or they come to the door and when they see we are Mormon missionaries, they shoo us off like we are dogs or something. SUPER SUPER Catholic here. I thought the continent was bad, but compared to the islands, the continent is nothing. The area we have been working in is called Biscoitos though and it is going a lot better than the little village of Lajes. It is also really beautiful there. The bus ride is all along the coast and you can see MASSIVE waves crashing up against the cliffs here. Biscoitos is also right on the coast in an area with a lot more mountains, so I'll send you guys some pictures of it. But yeah, all is going great. We found a number of new investigators and we are working with them. We are super close to baptism with a kid named Pedro and a man named Carlos. Last night, for Sunday dinner, all four of us Elders went over to Pedro's house because it was his brothers birthday and his mom cooked us all up a ridiculous amount of spaghetti and like 5 different cakes. It was a lot of fun.
Primary is CRAZY!!!!!!! The kids are little demons at times, but the weird thing is, I'm actually really enjoying my calling!!! Its rough at times because the kids are always screaming and its like they are all jacked up on sugar, but that's why I have Elder Dalton. Elder Dalton is totally the law in that class. He will flat out take a kid out of class and find their parents if they don't behave, so that's a big help. I really like the kids in my class though. They are crazy, but great kids.
The Americans are still treating us super nice. last Tuesday, a family called the Tatros had us over for dinner and they sent us home with probably 5 huge sacks full of American food and products that they got on the base, so it was awesome. We got the hook up, and Elder Dalton says that they always give us good stuff like that!!!
But yeah, the island is really beautiful. I'm so thankful to be here and I'm even more thankful to be doing the Lords work here. I love this church and I know it is true without a doubt. I'm so thankful for all of you guys and the amazing family that you are!!!! I hope everything is going well for you. I love you all. Tchau Tchau.
Elder Willes

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