Friday, June 25, 2010

2nd Letter,,,Wow...he's lovin' it...

Ola familia!!!! Como vai? Tudo bem? Hello family, i miss you all so much!! how is everything back home? whats new? Well life at the MTC is going pretty good!!!! im finally starting to learn some of the language!!! It's great here! I'm finally used to it and my testimony is growing everyday!! I'm being pushed out of my comfort zone but not enough to totally freak me out! Kind of funny, i had to give a talk in church on Sunday!! they chose 2 missionaries in a branch full of 117 missionaries and i happened to be one of the two! so i had the wonderful pleasure of giving a talk for two weeks in a row! it's all good though because i was prepared and it actually turned out quite nice!:) Yesterday our district worked on contacting people in Portuguese. It was really tough but i think we are already getting down the whole introducing ourselves and bearing testimony! After that, we had to practice teaching investigators. We could talk in English but it was still somewhat hard!! we weren't given much time to prepare but me and Elder Bell just went in and did our best. It was a 35 minute lesson and we weren't very organized. We kind of jumped all over the place from topic to topic but we did bear our testimonies and that was good. At least now we know what to work on! Well on another subject, our room looks fantastic now! Me, Elder Bell, Elder Edwards and Elder Thredgold decided we needed to decorate our room a little bit so we went to the bookstore and bought pretty much almost every Book of Mormon story picture there was. They were huge too!! so we took them back to the room and hung them up on the wall in chronological order in a spiral shape with a picture of Christ at the center!! It looks awesome, it covers the whole back wall:D Oh so i guess the Prophet and tons of general authorities have been here this week! it's been really exciting here! there is a devotional tonight and our district decided we were going to skip dinner so we could get good seats! One of the general authorities will be speaking to us but we don't know who yet. So the MTC has been going really good!! no health problems because of the food yet!! our teachers are awesome, my testimony is growing, and I'm learning some crazy Portuguese!! I really miss all of you but I'm finally used to the MTC. We are respectful and try to always invite the spirit but we have a lot of fun too;) I hope everything is going well back home! thank you so much for the package!! that was so awesome. Today was our first official P-day, it's been going really well!! I just barely got back from a temple walk. Since the temple is closed, our district decided to go up to the temple and take pictures during the time we would have been in a temple session! it was really fun. I am really enjoying it here and i can't wait to get out into the field and bring people the gospel!! Woooo:) I miss you and love you all. Keep me updated with everything through your letters! Chao! Eu amo Voces...... Elder Coulton Willes

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