Sunday, June 20, 2010

The very first letter....what a relief!!!

hello papa and mama,
I miss you both so much. How is everything going at home? Well i just wanted to let you know that everything is going great at the MTC. I just recieved the rest of my shirts in a package today and i also recieved the cookies, so thank you very much lemon!!! The MTC has been great. At first, i was like a deer in the headlights and i just didn't know what to think, i was uncertain and i was pretty much freaking out. The second day was a little bit better but it was still kinda hard. The third day was quite enjoyable, i am already getting used to the MTC life. We haven't learned too much of the language yet but id say it's going good so far:) Mostly we have been focusing on caring for the investigator and making connections with them.
Really good news though!! Our district is full of elders going to the same mission, Portugal lisbon. Not a single elder is going anywhere else. It is a huge district too, there are 14 elders in my district and we are all already really good friends!!! My companion and i get along really well, his name is Elder Chase Bell. Lemon i think you talked to his mom on missionary moms. My other two roomates are also really cool guys. Their names are Elder Thredgold and Elder Edwards. We all get along great and we are good friends already. My teachers are awsome!!!! we have 3 teachers and they are all very young. well... i don't know what to think about the food here. It's not the most delicious food but at the same time it's not too bad either:) haha.
Today has been a great day so far!! from 7 to 830 our district did personal study time and then ate breakfast. Then from about 9 until 1 we practiced teaching as companions. We have these 2 elders in our branch that should be in brazil right now but are stuck here because of visa problems, and what we did is we had those 2 elders go into a classroom and pretend to be investigators. Each of our companionships would then take turns knocking on the door, going in the class, and teaching the investigator for 10 minutes. I feel really confident because me and elder Bell had an organized lesson and we thought both of the elders could feel the spirit. We also took time to just visit and get to know them before we started teaching. First we would establish what their relationship was with God and then we would teach them from there!! It was really great. So everything at the MTC is going great:) I think im going to enjoy it here.

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