Monday, December 27, 2010

Daisy's Baptism....

It was so awesome to talk to you guys during Christmas. It was really funny. While I was talking on the phone, the office elders got their cameras out and started filming me because I was pacing back and forth outside because I was so excited and I didn't even know it haha.!!! They showed me after and I looked like a goon. It was so great to hear from all of you though. I'm so grateful for the packages I received, but my best present this Christmas (besides the baptism) by far was hearing from you guys!!!!
So great news, yesterday the baptism pulled through and it was really amazing!!!! It was a really hard week for the mission overall though. We were one of 4 baptisms for the entire week, so president isn't too happy I hear, but the good news is the baptism was amazing yesterday!!! I have included some pictures of the baptism on the bottom and the other picture is of the Ben Fica soccer stadium from the office Elders window!!!
That's cool you're getting a new primary class!! Do you miss the old class? I sure do!!! I love children haha. You should see some of the children here in our mission. They are so funny. some of them remind me of my 4 favorite nephews haha.!!!
Other than Daisy, we are hoping to have at least three baptisms this next week!! I know the goals are really high, but we have been seeing miracles. We hope to baptize a kid named Vitor, a girl named Vanise, and a guy named Joao!!! I'm so excited!! Elder Stanley is solid man, he has such a desire and we are going to do some great work here.
I really miss you!!! It was so good to hear your voice on Christmas!! Sorry I don't have much to tell you that I didn't already on the phone, but know that things are going great!!!!! Thank you so much for everything!!! Ate proximo. Te-Amo.

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