Monday, April 18, 2011

Beautiful sunset on the Azores

hoje, eu vou escrever este email em portuguese para que vocês possem apreder este lingua tam bem, e quando eu volto para casa, todos nos vamos falar portuguese e ninguem vai perceber aquilo que estamos a dizer. Hahahahaha Estou a brincar convosco. tou a brincar!
So how is everyone doing!!! I love getting all your emails!!! It sounds like things are going great back at home!!
This week has been pretty good for us. We have several investigators that we are so close to getting baptized!!! I'm praying with all I've got!! We have a lady named Maria, another lady named Maria, an American named Helena, and a kid named Favio... all people that seem really golden to work with. So I'm praying that we can get them into the waters of baptism!!! We are also finding a bunch of new investigators!!! Last week, me and Elder Wiseman went to a tiny little beach town called Caldeira and knocked almost every door there. It went really well. We actually got quite a number of references and quite a number of new investigators, so we will be working a bit there now. The only problem is the JWs got there before us and so many of these people have the JW version of the Bible, which if you guys don't know, has been changed so much that they aren't allowed to even call it the Bible anymore. So they call it the New World Translation, or something like that. Oh well though. It shouldn't matter. We will just continue to go in there and share with them the truth!!!!!!!!!!!
Life is going great on the mission though!!!!! On Friday, I hit my 10 month mark. I woke up, looked at the date, and couldn't believe it!!!! I cannot believe I have been on the mission for 10 months now. It is unreal and a little bit freaky!!!! Time flies so darn fast!!! This upcoming week is also the last week of transfers. I should be staying. Usually missionaries stay on the island longer than just two transfers, but you never know. Elder Levitre left after two and he was positive that he was staying. Personally, I would really love to stay. I feel like we have worked really hard here and now we might finally see the miracles start happening!!! I have grown a lot here on this island. I have had a lot more responsibility here than I have had yet on my mission.
So Mothers Day is coming up and you guys know what that means. I can talk to y'all again!!!! Just something to think about, a lot of the missionaries here have been using Skype on Christmas and Mothers Day. We can actually use it. And it would be cool to see your guys' faces when we talk. If you guys wanted to do that, we could go over to a members and use their computers or something like that!!! So you guys talk about it and let me know. Wow it seems like just yesterday we talked on Christmas!!!
Wow, I'm super happy for the new Bishopric!!!! Wow, those guys are all so cool. I knew somehow that Brother Vellinga (Bishop Vellinga) would be the new bishop!!!! I totally called it!!!!
Well, that's about all this week. I love you all so much!! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!! Ill talk to y'all next week!!!! Tchau!!!
Much love, Elder Willes

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