Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This week was a pretty good week. Me and Elder Wiseman got a lot of work done this week and we have seen a lot of progression when it comes to getting new investigators. We are still in the same boat with the baptisms. I feel we are very very close with Nelson and Maria though, they are just waiting for an answer to their prayers about the Book of Mormon. I think we are going to talk about what an answer could be like with them. They both say that they feel good when they read it and that they believe it is true. In reality, this is an answer in and of itself. Anyways, i really want to see them baptized before i leave the Island and its possible that i could leave during the next transfers on june 7th, so, we are really praying and working hard with them.
Weather has finally shaped up here. The clouds have dissapeared and finally we are seeing the sun shine island weather. So weather wise, things are going great on the island, and i think that it is also helping people to be a lot more happy and acceptive surprisingly enough!!!
Well, this could very well be my last week. Personally, i hope that it isnÂșt. Work is really tough here, but i still donÂșt want to leave. I have so much friends here and i love the people!! But then again, that is what i said about my first area and then i got adjusted to the people here. So i think that is just how the mission works, so ill be happy with wherever Heavenly Father assigns me to go!!!!
Well, a new american family moved in recently and we had the opportunity to go and visit them this past week. The husband is a recent convert. Very recent. He was baptized right before they moved to this island with the air force. So, we are going to reteach them the missionary lessons. We are going over every friday, and they will feed us deliscious american food and then afterwards, we teach them a lesson. We went last wednesday and Bro lujan let us try on his sweet pilot helmet, so thats what we are doing in the attatched photo!!!
Well, time is shorter than usual on the internet today because we are leaving early to do some service to a member family, so i am super sorry for the super short email, but i think i have told you just about everything new. Oh and the island is partying right now until the end of the summer. Huge festivals and stuff, its pretty crazy!!!
Anyways. I love you all so much and i miss you all like crazy!!! You guys are the best. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Willes

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