Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hey guys!!!
It was so good to talk to you all!!!! That was so amazing. I hope i am in an area that allows me to skype during Christmas!!! It was so good to see all of your faces and hear your voices!! Me and the other elders were talking last night and we said its a good thing its pday today because after we all talked with our families, that's like the only thing we could think about!! So thank you so much for talking with me.
So its really rainy in Brigham huh? Welcome to my world ha. It is currently raining outside and its very annoying because we were going to play soccer today and maybe throw a football at the beach. But no problem, we will probably just have another intense dart gun war inside our house. But yeah, the weather is crazy here. I always loved the rain before i came to the island of Terceira, and not i despise it hahaha.
Anyways, i think i told you all yesterday how things are going work wise. We are still trying to mark those few people for baptism and it is a very long process. We need to get them to church but sometimes they can be such slackers. I didnÂșt mention however that on Saturday, me and Elder Wiseman pretty much knocked doors all day and we had a surprising amount of success. We also passed some people by that we only had talked to once that said we could come back that didnÂșt seem to interested, but we passed them by on saturday and we found some people that seem pretty elect. So we have a number of new investigators to work with now as well as those ones that are so close!!! Yay!!!
Right now, in scripture study, i am currently reading in 1st timothy!!!I Its going great!!! I should be finishing the new testament on the 20th according to this study schedule. I love it, im learning new things every day!!!
Well, i apologize that this email is so much shorter than usual, but we talked so much last night and it was so great that that's really about all i can think of to say right now. haha. Thank you all so much. You guys are the best family!! I love you all so much and im so grateful for you. I cant wait to talk to ya next week!! Tchau!! Bejinhos, Bracos, Adeus!!!!
Elder Willes

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