Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Well, another great week has passed by out on the azores, however, i canºt believe how fast time is flying by!! Itºs pretty trippy!!! I almost wish it would slow down, im really enjoying being here on the azores!!!
Well, we have gotten around to inviting more people to be baptized and talking about baptism. we had a lesson with our investigator maria on wednesday and we talked about baptism. She told us that she still hasnºt got a certain answer about the book of mormon, but she loves reading it and she feels "good" or the spirit every time she reads it. So we told her to keep reading and praying and have patience and to realize that the answer isnºt always a huge thing, but it could also be these "good feelings" Then we asked her if when she knew that the book of mormon was true, if she would act on that answer and follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized and she told us that she had already been baptized as a kid. So we focused on how the Gospel was restored through Joseph Smith and that is why the Book of Mormon is so important. By the time we left, i felt she understood and she told us, "lets hope i get an answer this week" so we are really praying for her. She is so close!!!
With Nelson, we got him to come to church again and it was really good. We had the branch presidentºs brother over to visit and his family, they will be here for 2 months, but he spoke in english and Elder Wilder Translated for the branch. He talked about his experiences in the war in Iraq and related a certain experience when they were attacked to being prepared Spiritually. Nelson was apart of the portuguese military once so that was right up his alley. When i asked him how he liked it he said that he loved it!!! So that was great for him. He mumbled something about baptism as well that i didnºt catch and i was about to ask him what he said after sacrament, but i was bombarded with everyone and he left. So we will go back tonight and see what he said and talk to him. We are really praying for him as well. Those are our two main people right now.
Well, some of the american families are starting to move, but thankfully, there are new families coming into the military branch.
This week was pretty fun, it was full of activities. On Thursday, we had a primary activity that was centerd around health and the word of wisdom. Sister eves taught a really cool lesson and then she turned the time over to us elders, so we took the kids outside and ran a bunch of relay races with them. It was a lot of fun. we also taught them how to do some cool exercises. so it went really well.
On saturday, we had an integration night with the portuguese branch. It was super fun and successful. The members showed up and we had a barbeque and just played games and talked with each other. Me and the elders were throwing a football and the portuguese kids were interested so we all played keep away and such. it was just a really fun night which i thought was definitley worth while, because i think it made people want to come to church the next day, or have a desire. Anyways, it was really great.
Work wise, i think thats about all the update. As usual, me and Elder Wiseman are always trying to find new investigators, so the knocking and asking goes on. But its great. Im loving the mission so much. I canºt believe transfers are on the 7th. I hope i stay for one more, it will be really hard to leave a lot of the people here because i have established so much friendships, but im excited for whatever happens.
Well, i love you all so much. thank you all for everything. I canºt wait to hear from you guys again. Have a great week. Tchau!!!
Elder Willes

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