Monday, October 25, 2010

Deritson was baptized!!!

Its so great to hear from you!!! This week was great, except I have bad news, Deritson wasn't baptized!! Just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!! He was baptized yesterday and it was such an amazing day!! You should have seen him!!! He was so excited to be baptized!!!! Me and Elder Carter bought him a 2 dollar tie at the Chinese store and he was so excited!!! I didn't baptize him but as long as he is baptized I'm perfectly happy!! When the baptism was over he said he couldn't stop smiling and that he would never miss a day of church!!! Immediately after he came up out of the water his dad turned to me and firmly shook my hand and his friend did so as well. Everyone there had such a big smile on their face and Deritson gave me and E Carter a big hug!!! He is such a great kid!!!!
We are also going to have another baptism on Saturday too!!! How cool is that!!!!!!! Me, E. Carter and the two zone leaders have been teaming up in teaching her the lessons because she is in their area a lot but she will be a member of our ward!!! We have only two lessons to teach her and she already has a testimony and has committed to baptism!! E. Barreiros will do the baptism and then she will be confirmed in our church the next day!!! Her name is Francinee and she is from Brazil!!! She is so cool, ha she said its sad that we get transferred so much so she is going to get us all presents at the next transfer. She has a strong testimony and is ready to be baptized. I'm so excited!! Its amazing to see how the Lord has already prepared people for us!!!
So I received your candy package!!!! Thank you so much!!! It was delicious. I ate it probably faster than I should have!!! You don't need to worry about my diet here!!! Me and Elder Carter have started sharing groceries now and we each pay half and get the same groceries so its all good, and plus, we are fed by the members at least 3 times a week!
That's awesome to hear about the singing group!!!!! That really is cool!! I'm very thankful you had me take voice lessons even though I was very ungrateful at the time!!!! E Carter is a pretty good singer and the other night Deritson's family wanted us to sing for them so we sang them a hymn!!! It went very well!!!
Well, everything is going great here in Portugal!!!! The work is rapidly increasing!!! I love it so much!!!! The mission is truly such a great time!! I have a stronger testimony of this Gospel now than I ever have before!!! I'm so grateful for it and I'm so grateful for you!!! I love ya Momma!!!!!

Love Elder Willes

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