Monday, October 18, 2010

Hey how is everything??? Everything is going great here in Portugal!! This week was a great one but it had its disappointments as well. As you know, we were trying to get Deritson and his family baptized on Sunday. Well it started great. We committed them on Tuesday and they said yes and they were all ready and excited. However, when we talked to them on Thursday, we learned that Deritsons parents aren't married and their papers are back in Cape Verde, so we have to wait a while for them to get married. I probably won't get to see them get baptized, but I know they will. The good news is that their son, Deritson, will be baptized on the 24th of October and he is very excited!!!! We are so excited for him. We are close to Joao's marriage too, and then he can get baptized. Things are going great!!! I truly have been blessed by the Lord to be here in Portugal while the work is growing so much!!!!!
So on Christmas, I guess we can use the cell phone and talk for however long!! It will be here sooner than I know!!! I can't believe how fast time is flying!!! Can you believe it? 4 months!!! Wow!!!!
That's awesome to hear about Matt's farewell!!! Its cool to think that almost all of my friends are doing the same work that I'm doing!!! The Lords work!! Best work there is!!!!
Oh I have to thank you for the package!!! I loved it!! We are going to decorate our room with Halloween and the Monday after Halloween, is our zone pday and me and Elder Carter are going to be wearing our necklaces!!! haha so thank you so much!!!! Also!!!! I loved those pictures that you sent me!!! I have been showing them to my investigators!!! When I showed them to Deritson's parents, they were commenting on how beautiful they were. I have been bragging about my family hahaha!!!!
I sent you guys a package on Wednesday so be watching for that!!! Its just some small stuff from Sintra!!!!
Well, I have to hurry again!!! But you know my letters are longer and better!!! I'm so thankful for you and your love and support while I've been here!!! Its helped me so much!!! I'm loving my mission!! Jashon Bishop was right!! Its not too much of a sacrifice, it really is a privilege to be here!!! I love this Gospel, and I love you. I miss you so much. Tell me how everything goes.
Entao, ate proximo.

Elder Willes

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