Monday, October 11, 2010

New Baptisms on the horizon!!!

It's great to get another email from you!!! I love hearing about all that goes on at home with the family!!!
This week was a good week, we got a couple of new investigators that we taught the first lesson to!!!! So we are getting more numbers there!!! We are committing Derrikson and his family to baptism this week. I have really good feelings about it!! We took him to see a baptism with us in another area and he thought it was really cool and you could tell he wanted to be baptized. A sister came up to him and randomly asked him if he was getting baptized on Sunday and he said "No, but next Sunday I will". I was really excited when he said that because we haven't even committed him yet!!!!! Their family is so cool. During our last visit, me and Elder Carter took family pictures to show them because they are so curious about our lives. So I showed them the pictures of us at Cabellas!!!! ha. They liked them a lot!!!!!
Weather wise, this week was ridiculous. It has finally started raining here in Portugal and when I say raining, I mean RAINING!!!! It's not like Utah where it rains for an hour and stops. It has been raining here for the past 4 days straight without much clear sky at all!!!! It was ridiculous. Our area is really hilly too, so me and Elder Carter were literally walking up stream. The sidewalks had rivers flowing down them. The rain finally stopped, but I guess it's good to get me ready for the winter here haha. So last Pday, we went to Sintra and it was beautiful. It's amazing there!!!! I took lots of pictures of it so you guys can see!!!! At the bottom of the mountain, there is a really old tourist town with a bunch of souvenir shops and when you look up, a castle wall and the palace tower above the town on the top of the mountain. It's amazing. I bought you guys some stuff that I'll send home in a package too, so be looking for it!!!!
The work is going great here though!!! I'm a lot better of a missionary now than I was when I first got here too so that's good. I'm progressing everyday!!!! I know it is because of the Savior. I have really learned to put my trust in him through prayer. I'm so thankful for this Gospel and my family!!! I have been blessed SO much in my life. I love you so much and I miss you. Everything is going great though!!! Keep up the emails, I love hearing what happens at home even though I don't have time to comment about it on the computer, but I love getting the emails. Love ya momma.
Elder Willes

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