Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Splendid week!!!!!!!! I don't know if I told you guys last week, but last Sunday, we met a girl named Kenia who is super elect!!! We taught her for the first time on Sunday and she told us that she wanted to be baptized. Well, we worked with her all week and sure enough, by Sunday, she was baptized. It was so awesome, we had an amazing baptism yesterday. The spirit was so strong and everything worked out great. The only problem was apparently the font water was super hot!!!, so when Kenia came up out of the water, she was pretty much panicking and gasping for air. It was pretty crazy!!! All the little primary kids were like "o que o que?" She is going to be a great member though. She has had some real difficulties in her life and now the church is taking her in!!! I'm very happy for her and I know her Savior is happy for her. I have included some photos of her baptism with the email.!!!
Other than that, we had 25 lessons taught this week which I think is a record for us!!! Everything has just been running really smooth. We have been getting references and new investigators and we are always staying busy!!! As for Manuela, she wants to get baptized this next weekend and she is SO CLOSE to stopping smoking. We have been working with her really hard. Oh, also cool news... her 12 year old son, Rodrigue, told her the other night after we finished teaching her that he wanted to be baptized as well and he wants to be baptized on the same day as her!!!! WE are so excited. We just have to keep praying for her and hope that she can overcome smoking. She is so close!!!
We also have a few other investigators we are working with towards baptism!!! This transfer has been very successful. It feels like the last two transfers were a lot of preparing people for baptism and finding the elect and this transfer almost feels like now we can just gather in all our labors. Poor Elder Carter. ha. he got jipped. Things are going great though. Other random things that happened this week, well, our whole day Saturday was wasted because me and Elder Stanley were hurrying to catch a train back to Massama and in our hurry we got on one of the few trains that doesn't stop at every stop, but goes straight to the heart of Lisbon. I was a little worried as I noticed we weren't slowing down to stop at the Massama train station but as we sped right past. We ended up in Sete Rios and we had to wait for a train back. Good week though.
People we want to baptize this week. Angelo, Manuela and Rodrigue!!! I'll be praying hard for them. Thank you all for your letters and emails. I love you guys so much. I'll keep you in my prayers everyday. Until next time!!!!

Elder Willes

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