Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maybe the last week in beloved Cacem

Hey fam!!!!!
It was so good to get all of your emails!!! I got emails from almost everyone this week!! That's what I like to see!!! I'm really glad the package FINALLY came!! Wow it took long enough geez. I hope everyone liked what they got. Its not much at all but its just something to let you guys know I'm thinking about ya!!! I hope everything is going great back at home!!!!
No new baptisms this week, we are working hard though. As a matter of fact, this morning we got a phone call from Manuela and she flat out said that she had smoked her last cigarette, that she had no more left and that she wasn't going to buy anymore. Its so great. We prayed after that phone call and both of us felt like she could be baptized on the 30th which would be so great because its my last Sunday here in the beloved ward of Cacem. Her son also told her that when she is baptized, he wants to be baptized on the same day. So everyone plan on 2 more baptisms this next weekend. We will be working and praying like crazy for her.
Wow, I can't believe transfers are in a week. This transfer passed by TOO FAST. Time is ridiculous here on the mission. I am a little bit reluctant about leaving this area. I really love the people here, especially the members. I have made strong friendships with so many of them and its going to be really tough leaving and going to a completely different area and starting anew. It will be hard, but change is good, right? I have a little name book that I have been writing all the members full names down in so that when I finish my mission, I can look them all up and stay in contact with them!!!
Other random news for this last week, well, we had a noite de integracao (integration night) on Saturday!!! It was super fun. Not as many people showed up as we would have liked, but it was our first one and there should be a lot more people showing up next week. It is pretty much a night that we take where the members gather and we as missionaries can bring investigators and we pretty much just get to know each other better. It is a lot of fun. We start out with a spiritual message and then the rest of the time is just games. Me and Elder Stanley were in charge of the games. We played Mafia. I don't know if any of you guys have ever played it, but it was a first for the ward and we had a ton of fun. We also played a game called cat and mouse and we had to use our ties to tie knots. It was kind of like a race. It was a ton of fun.
The members have been super nice to us. We have been having meal appointments like crazy... blessings from the Lord. The other day we ate with our former bishop and had spaghetti with tuna. I know it sounds gross, but it was AMAZING. Afterwards, we ate sopa de geletina or jello soup. I can honestly say it was my first time eating a jello soup hahaha. but it was surprisingly great!!!
Well the work is going good. Right now we are currently working with a guy named Angelo who is married to a girl in his home land of Sri Lanka. She will move here to live with him next year, but he has been cheating on her and flat out committing adultery with another girl here in Portugal. He feels terrible and me and Elder Stanley are really helping him out. He is trying to set things straight right now and we plan on baptizing him. Wow, it makes me so grateful for this gospel. I will never have to go through anything like that. Makes me so thankful for all of you and the great family that we are.
Well, last pday we ended up playing basketball with our buddy Gihan. It was fun. And last night we cooked spaghetti for a member family and I took some pictures of it for you guys. I hope you enjoy.
It has been so good hearing from all of you!!! I love you guys so much. I miss you all like crazy, but I'm loving the mission field. Its a big roller coaster ride right now. I'm so thankful for all of you and I know without a doubt that this Gospel is true. I'll talk to yall next week. Tchau!!!!!!!!

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