Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello again!!!!!
It's so good to get everyone's emails again!! I miss you all a ton!!!!!
This last week has been great!! We have still been working hard and we have quite a number of people marked to be baptized!! Cool huh? These are who we have marked: Tania at the end of the month, Maria in 2 weeks, Joao at the end of the month, Manuela at the end of the month, Ezikiel in one week, and a girl named Kenia next Sunday. Get this... yesterday, we went to church and one of the members brought a friend of hers named Kenia. It was her first time ever coming to our church, but she really liked it. The member that brought her introduced her to us and said that we could pass by later that night. So, later that night, we passed by and spoke with her and taught her the first lesson. She told us that she really liked our church so we started talking about baptism. We just threw it out there. She agreed to be baptized and we felt we needed to do it next Sunday. She is now marked to be baptized. This is going to be a really busy week with her, considering she still needs to learn 2 more lessons and the commandments, but we both know that this is one of those girls that has already been prepared by the lord to be baptized before she even met us!!! Really cool huh? The members are going to think we are crazy baptizing her so fast, but we know what we felt and it feels right. Wow, first day we meet her and she is already marked for baptism. It's a miracle!!!!!!!! Keep her in your prayers as well.
As for other investigators, we had a really spiritual lesson with Manuela about smoking. It was cool because at the beginning of the lesson she was angry because she thought that it was dumb that God wouldn't accept her into his church and into his kingdom just because of some cigarettes, but at the end of the lesson her opinion had totally changed and she was determined to try and stop again. Well, when we showed up two days later, she told us that the day previous, she went out to smoke and her cigarette was disgusting to her and she couldn't do it. So now, she thinks that smoking is nasty and she has stopped and she is still going strong. We are praying she keeps this up. Wow, little miracles huh? As for everyone else, they are coming along pretty well, we are still working with the marriages and such.
So last Monday was our zone pday and it was a blast!!! We went to Sintra and we didn't quite make it up to the palace on top of the highest peak, but we were able to get up to the castle wall right next to the palace. It was AMAZING!!!! I have included some pictures of it for you!! Anyways, we had to hike up to the peak and about half way up, me and Elder Stanley decided to take it off trail and we just hiked straight up the mountain. It was sick. Anyway, all of a sudden, I looked up and saw a Portuguese flag. There we were at the castle wall. We couldn't find the opening so we just rock climbed over it. Needless to say, we got the weirdest looks from the tourists.
Today, I woke up at 5:30 in the morning. Today and tomorrow we are doing things for our visas over here for our residence in the country, so I'm in Lisbon again. and I have to do the same thing tomorrow. It's all good though. It was really cool to see all the Elders from my old MTC district. It was like a flippin' family reunion. haha. So thats whats going on here for the weekly update of the mission. I miss you all so much. I've been blessed with the best family. You guys rock. I love you all. Ate proximo semana ta bem? fixe!!! Tchau Tchau!!!

Elder Willes

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