Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hey guys!!!!
Crazy birthday week this week huh? How did everyone's birthday turn out? I know Noelle's and Mom's isn't until tomorrow, but I'm assuming it was celebrated with everyone else!!! Wow the new Ipad 2 huh? Thats crazy. President Eves here on the island has an Ipad and he was showing us all the crazy stuff they can do. They look really cool. I have only seen two though and they were both Americans that had them.
Well, the mission is going great!!!!!!!!!! I'm proud to say that the baptism went great on Friday!!!! Pedro was super nervous but he was so happy after the baptism, he gave the person that baptized him a big hug and the spirit was there so strong. We are all so proud of him as a branch and all the elders. We told him we were going to get him a shirt that says "vote for pedro" and go around telling people that "pedro offers them his protection." The funny thing is, he actually understood that joke. How he knew about that show in the middle of the ocean on this island, I don't know, but we are great friends with him and he will be such a great example to this branch.
Some sad news. Elder Dalton and Levitre will be leaving us tomorrow. We still don't know where they are going yet because president only told them that they would be leaving at zone conference on Friday, but they will for sure be leaving. So both me and Elder Kessler will be getting new companions and staying here on the island. I'm crossing my fingers and praying. Transfers always make me a little bit nervous. I'll be missing Elder Dalton though. He was such a great companion.
On Friday, we had a district meeting, which is kind of like a stake conference, only for the 2 branches here on the island. The Americans and Portuguese went to the same one, so there had to be a translator, but it was a really great experience. President Torgan spoke there and we had one of the Area 70 from Italy come and speak to us. He is a really great man, full of love, and we could all feel the spirit from him when he spoke!!!
Not much other news though. Right now, we are trying to find new investigators and I'm praying like crazy for guidance from the spirit when I start leading this area. I'm so thankful to be here on this island doing the Lord's work. I'm so thankful for all of you guys. Not a day goes by that I don't think of my wonderful family and how blessed I am to be a part of them. I love you all. I pray for you all everyday. I will be looking forward to next weeks email. Ate Proximo!!!!!!
Elder Willes

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