Friday, March 4, 2011

Still searching...

Hey guys!!! Great to hear from you again. P-days are fun, but my highlight of pday is by far the emailing.
Well, the island has been going great!!! The work is getting a little bit better here. Yesterday, we had a lesson with Pedro, the kid that we want to baptize, and he is so super close to get baptized. He is obeying all the commandments and he goes to church. The only thing holding him back right now is the example of some of the members in the branch. I'm not going to lie, this Portuguese branch is suffering, and once the Airforce members leave that comprise of most of the priesthood, it will fall. So we are searching for priesthood holders like crazy. But yeah, there are some bad examples in our branch unfortunately. Some of the members will go outside during sacrament meeting and just light up their cigarettes right outside of the church. That really fires me up. Its gotten bad enough that President Eves has gone around and just started randomly interviewing people. It just goes to show you how important it is to be a good example as a member. "a light to the world". But I am thankful for the few strong members in this branch, and all the others, we just have to help them out. But we are working.
We have been working a lot in Biscoitos. Its the other side of the island. Right now, that is our best bet. We have been getting a lot of references over there and having a lot of lessons and I think there are some really elect people over there. I'm really excited. So the work is going great. We are SO CLOSE to a baptism.
As for random news this week. I'm a little bit tired this morning because I was awakened by Elder Levitre last night at about 3 in the morning. The kid flippin' sleep walks. He got up, left his room, came over to ours and started rubbing our closed door. Well it woke me up and me and Elder Dalton were both just staring at the door. I'm not going to lie, it freaked me out. Then the door opens up a crack and closes again and we can hear him going off to other places in the hall. We told him about it this morning and he couldn't stop laughing. hahah. Pretty funny!!
Well, nothing else happened this last week really. It was a good normal week. I'm really loving my mission though. I love this work so much. Nothings better than doing the Lord's work.
And I hate to rub this in you guys's face, but it is starting to get super warm and sunny on this island. I miss my snow, but this weather is amazing. Super warm, green, and sunny. Just think about that while you all are freezing hahaha.
Well, I'm going to end now. I have to download a lot of pictures from my camera to my pen drive today. But I love you all so much. I'm so thankful for the Gospel. I know without a doubt it is true. I'd like to say I was baptized with 8 years of age, but I've been truly converted here in the mission. I love you all. Stay cool. Ate proximo semana!!!!!!! Tchau!!!
Elder Willes

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