Monday, August 8, 2011

August 1st email...

I'm very glad to hear that you guys got my pictures!!!!!! I hope you liked them!!! I miss the Azores and Cacem as well. Those areas will always have a lasting impact on my life!! I'm sure I will always remember this area too though!!
This week was a pretty good week!!! We got a cool new family for investigators!!! The parents are named Luzia and William and their kids are Andre and William!!! The attatched pic is of us and Andre!!! They are an incredible family!! We taught them the restoration on Tuesday and the spirit was so strong!! They seem really interested and we left them Book of Mormons!!! They have great potential, so we will be praying and working with them!!
That same day, we had a bit of a miracle happen with us. First off, I will tell you about a woman named Maria that we are now working with!! She is the close friend of a member and one Sunday the member brought her to church and introduced us to her!! She told us as well, that she needed a blessing because she constantly had horrible headaches and her health wasn't the greatest. (this was almost three weeks ago by the way) So we did that after church and she said when she could get it approved, we could go over to her house because her own house makes her uncomfortable for some reasons we don't know. But she wanted a blessing on her house as well. Anyway, we scheduled it for Tuesday. Well, as we were getting ready, the member who was supposed to give us a ride was not answering his phone and the area that Maria lives is in is a town called Pinhal Novo in our area that i don't know at all. I had only been there twice!! Well, I felt we still needed to give the blessing somehow, but I had no clue how we would get there!! We said our dinner prayer and as we prayed, I felt, and knew that this blessing would happen that night. So we took a little leap of faith, and took the bus to Pinhal Novo. When we got off, I called the member that is Maria's friend ( and also neighbor) to ask for directions and what we should do. She told us that another member lived in Pinhal Novo that could give us a ride and then gave us directions to his house!!! Considering that I don't know where anything is in that town, we tried our best, and it was difficult. Finally, we arrived to where we thought was that members house of whom she gave us the directions to, and I knocked, half expecting it to be the wrong house, and if it was, we would just do a normal door contact and then catch the last bus home. But to my surprise, the member Manuel answered the door and gave us a ride. I thanked Heavenly Father the whole way there. I honestly still don't know how we found his house. It was pretty cool!! Anyway, we gave her house the blessing and now we will be teaching her and her husband as well with the help of her member friend. Oh and when we asked her how her headaches were, she said that she had not had one headache ever since that day that we had given her the blessing!! I was amazed!! Once again, I thanked Heavenly Father. It reminded me of that Saturday morning before I gave my farewell talk. When I woke up, I was so sick I couldn't even stand. But Dad gave me a blessing and within the hour I felt great!!! What an amazing privilege it is to have the priesthood in our church!!! I'll never forget those experiences.
Other than that we have been doing tons of knocking!! We are searching really hard for the elect!! The other day, a man walked up and he contacted us!! It was interesting!!! Apparently, he is a choir director here in Lisbon and he was asking us about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!! He absolutely loves their music. So we got his number and gave it to President and we also gave President's number to him!!! It will be great!! We will start teaching him as well!!!!!
Right now, I am reading Jesus the Christ as part of my personal study, as well as the Book of Mormon!! Wow, Jesus the Christ is incredible!!! I am constantly learning new things and my testimony is growing every day!! It makes me want to be the best servant I can for my Savior!!!!
So that's how the mission is going! I miss you all so much and I love you all!! I want you all to know that I have such a strong testimony of this Gospel!! I know it is true with all of my heart and despite what others may think of our church, my faith will remain unshaken by the world's opinions!! We get a lot of questions and concerns about the church that is negative and false. But it's so great to be able to share the truth!! I love you all!! Talk to ya next week!!!!!
Elder Willes

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