Monday, August 8, 2011

The Burning of the One Year Down Tie!!! (June 27th email)

Hey guys!! Thank you all for the emails once again. I love hearing about what goes on back at home!!! The mission is going great!! I can't believe how fast time flies on the mission. Things are going good!! We have had a ton of problems with appointments falling through, but on the positive side, we are getting really good at knocking doors right? ha. And every once in a while we find someone who is interested, so we have been getting some new investigators!!! It's been good!!
The other day, me and Elder Banks decided to go through the area book, so we took our hour of comp study and hardcore looked and read about everyone in the area book that was being taught!! There were people in there clear back from like 2002, so we have been getting their addresses and going by them!! It's been great!! The majority of old ones have moved, or weren't home. Then a lot of them told us they were busy and to come back another day, but we found a man named Nicolay who is actually from Russia, but speaks Portuguese!! Apparently the elders in the past were making some progress with him, but he got a job and worked all day and didn't have the time to keep meeting with them!!! Incredible guy though, he has already read the Book of Mormon cover to cover, so that tells ya something. Anyways, he answered his door, invited us in, and we got to know him and found out a lot about him!! He still remembers the lessons and the story of the restoration!! He is pretty legit!! Apparently, he lost his job not too long ago and then was surprised to see us show up. Crazy how stuff like that works out huh?? Interesting to see how the Lord works!!
The weather here has been ridiculous lately!! It wasn't too bad until this last week. Then mother nature just decided to go nuts on us and turn the heat and humidity on!!! Oh wow, I have never felt such heat!! Yesterday, it was about 95 degrees outside, which is like Utah and isn't horribly bad right? Well, it's also a lot more humid than it has been lately, not to add the fact that there wasn't really any wind, or breeze, and not a cloud in the sky!!! Me and Banks are drinking loads of water right now ha ha. I hope I get used to it soon. I'm sure I will. It's not a problem though, we will just tough it out. It's funny though. We sweat quite a bit, in fact I haven't stopped sweating since the beginning of this week. Even in my sleep I sweat!! It's kind of funny because the natives don't seem to have a problem with it, but we are dying hahahaha!!!
Well, we are also working with a kid named Miguel who has already been challenged to baptism in the past, accepted, and then fell through. We passed by his house on Thursday and talked a bit with him and he said he would like to come to church. So we passed by on Saturday to arrange things and as we approached his house, we heard his voice and he was talking with his family, but when we knocked, his mom answered the door and told us that he wasn't home. So it was really annoying and frustrating, but we will continue to get in contact with him. We have prayed about him and both felt like he needs to be baptized!!!
That's about all this week folks!! I can't believe only 3 more weeks of this transfer, and then the mission combines into the whole country!! It will be interesting to see what happens!! I love you all!! Talk to ya next week!!!
Elder Willes

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