Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Day...Baptism for Luana!!!

Hey guys!!
Sorry I am emailing so late! Earlier this week we got permission from President Torgan to go with our branch to a branch activity today at the Palmela Castle!!We had a picnic and played some games, it was a blast. We left in the morning and just got back, so that is why I am emailing you so late!!!
The baptism was incredible!!! This whole week was completely focused on Luana to help her right up until baptism, but everything went incredible!!! We have been praying so hard that everything would work out, and everything worked perfectly!!! Luana is such an amazing girl!!! She is about as elect as they come!! We called her on Saturday to see how she was doing and she told us that she woke up a little bit nervous. So she read scriptures all day and said she felt so much better and so ready afterwards!!! How many people are that elect!!! I can honestly say this is the first I have met this elect!!! Heavenly Father really did lead her step by step to this baptism!!! Truly incredible!!! We had the opportunity to meet her parents and cousin on Thursday. They fed us so much Brazilean food I could barely walk, and they really enjoyed our visit so they also went to the baptism. They are having us over again on Thursday. The baptism was really good for them because the spirit was so strong. We are going to start to teach them too. As for Luana, she will be a life long friend even though she moves to England in a week!!! We exchanged contact information and everything!!! Anyway, the baptism was incredible as they always are!! The spirit was so strong and just about our whole branch showed up as well as members from another ward to support her. She had a lot of support!! Brother Vaz was able to do her baptism which was perfect, because now she has that bond in the branch other than just an Elder. Then, I was blessed to be able to do her confirmation and give her the gift of the Holy Ghost!!! It was INCREDIBLE!!!!! The spirit was so strong!!! How blessed were we to be able to be a part of her entering into the one true Gospel of Jesus Christ!!! I have been so happy this last week. I have been carried through every little trial without despair because of this baptism. So there you go, it was truly Incredible!!!! She is an eternal friend to us now and I'm sure there were many people rejoicing in the Heavens because of her decision!! Below, I have attached two pictures of her baptism and also the program that we made for it!!!
So, that was the main focus of this week. Then she also came to our branch activity today!!!! It was so much fun!!!! We played a ton of games, threw frisbees and whatnot, walked around the castle, had lunch, and then just chilled with all the members!!! I have been flying high this week!!! We hope to continue to strengthen our little branch here in Vasco da Gama!!! Transfers are already coming up here in about two weeks, so we will see what happens. But now, I honestly would like to stay another transfer!!!
So that was my week. I couldn't help but think about you guys up there at the Tetons!!!! Sometimes, I would even count back seven hours and think "oh wow, they are probably doing this right now up at the Tetons" haha. Don´t worry though, I still focused and worked hard hahaha.!!! NOELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I GET TO HAVE ANOTHER NEPHEW OR NIECE!!!!! I'm so excited!!! Another member of this blessed family on the way!!! I almost freaked out when I read that you were pregnant and I love those shirts that Isaac and Logan have by the way!!!! I'm excited to hear if it is a boy or a girl!!!! Congratulations!!! but yeah, I'm really excited to be at the Tetons with you guys next year!!! We will have to do some fun hikes and what not!!!!!
Well, that is how the week went!!! To make a long story short, we had a really incredible baptism, and me and Elder Bolough are so happy. Now we just need to work hard and bring her family into the Gospel as well as find the other elects here in Montijo!!! I'm so thankful for all of you!!! Each of you have had such a HUGE impact on my life, and every day I think of how lucky I am to be a part of this family!!! I'm learning so much here on my mission!!! Not only have I developed a profound love for this Gospel, but also learning as well!! I'm constantly learning something new everyday!! It's incredible!! An eye opener!!! I love you guys!! I look forward to hearing from you next week. I keep you all in my prayers everyday!!!! Falaremos mais tarde então!! Fiquem Bem!!!!!! Tchau!!!
Elder Willes

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